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From a garage start-up to a multinational organization, Coliseum provides an arena for your business to to search, locate and share opportunities
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An acquisition or contracting executive, procurement specialist, buyer, or an individual seeking assistance on their next innovative idea.
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Angels and VCs seeking the next little company to go big in addition to less risky investments with government contractors.
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An individual or organization seeking to support business, including minority, women-owned, and more through donations.
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Coliseum connects vetted members in order to foster collaboration and innovation in an increasingly complex and growing marketplace

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Make your idea a reality. Test, experiment and demonstrate your innovative ideas in a real world environment to potential investors and consumers. Also, read our most recent posts on the platform. Stay up-to-date with trending news and innovations related to all things business and government related, on the Coliseum Platform.

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White House wants expanded counter-drone powers | Coliseum

If the White House gets its way, open season for robots in the skies could follow. The Office of the Press Secretary rel Read More


Army’s multidomain battle brings manned-unmanned teaming to the fore | Coliseum

As the Army continues to develop its multidomain battle concept, manned-unmanned teaming will play a large role in opera Read More


Pentagon Rolls Out Major Cyber, AI Strategies This Summer | Coliseum

ARLINGTON: The Pentagon is “weeks” away from rolling out official strategies on cyberspace, cybersecurity, and artif Read More


US Must Hustle On Hypersonics, EW, AI: VCJCS Selva & Work | Coliseum

WASHINGTON: China is besting the United States in key military technologies like hypersonic missiles and electronic warf Read More


Bringing (solar) power to the people | Coliseum

Solar home systems can help to bridge the electrification gap in developing countries—if certain conditions are met. A Read More


AIA Conference on Architecture 2018: Harnessing the Technology Innovation Revolution with Dodge Data & Analytics | Coliseum

Dodge Data & Analytics had one of the bigger presences on the show floor of the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018 Read More


U.S. Needs a National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, Lawmakers and Experts Say | Coliseum

The government is well-positioned to flag specific research areas that would have the biggest impact on national interes Read More

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